Gazprom Nedra LLC and the Republic of Kalmykia signed a roadmap

October 7, 2021 00:00

On October 6, 2021, Vsevolod Cherepanov, General Director of Gazprom Nedra LLC, and Batu Khasikov, Head of the Republic of Kalmykia, signed a roadmap for the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement concluded between them in September of this year. The event took place as part of the 10th jubilee St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (October 5–8, 2021).

Batu Khasikov and Vsevolod Cherepanov

Batu Khasikov and Vsevolod Cherepanov

The roadmap includes about 20 activities for the period 2021–2023. First of all, they provide for close interaction of the parties in the implementation Republic of Kalmykia state programs aimed at developing the mineral resource base for gas supply to the population and industry of the Republic in full, reducing the negative impact of economic activities on the environment and developing the scientific and innovative sphere.

According to the document, there are plans to jointly organise work in areas with gas resources. The priority areas of the joint work are seismic exploration, construction of prospecting and exploration boreholes, geophysical services, borehole restoration and repair, gas and oil production, hydrocarbons processing and sale.

At the stand Innovative Digital Technologies for the Implementation of Investment Projects in Prospecting, Exploration and Development of Fields

At the stand Innovative Digital Technologies for the Implementation of Investment Projects in Prospecting, Exploration and Development of Fields

There are plans to annually compile a list of equipment and technologies of potential interest to Gazprom Nedra LLC in order to create competitive high-tech industrial products for geological exploration of mineral resources and gas production, as well as consider proposals from enterprises and organisations of the Republic of Kalmykia for its development and production.

In addition, the parties agreed to conduct research in priority areas of development of science and technology in the field of increasing the efficiency of subsoil use and to attract, on a competitive basis, scientific and educational organisations of the Republic of Kalmykia to carry out research, development and technological work in the interests of Gazprom Nedra LLC.

“I am sure that the roadmap will open up new opportunities for increasing the investment potential of the oil and gas sector of our republic. It will become the basis for the discovery of new hydrocarbon deposits and the creation of jobs,” Batu Khasikov, Head of the Republic of Kalmykia, commented on the results of the meeting.

“The Republic of Kalmykia is interested in becoming a large oil and gas region of Russia. At the same time, its geological and geophysical state of exploration remains extremely low and does not correspond to its real potential. The active, and most beneficial for both parties, joint work on the implementation of the roadmap will allow Kalmykia to increase the resource base of hydrocarbon raw materials and will contribute to the development of economic growth in the republic,” believes Vsevolod Cherepanov, General Director of Gazprom Nedra LLC.


Gazprom Nedra LLC is a 100 % subsidiary company of PAO Gazprom and ranks among the major Russian multi-business oil and gas service companies. In 2019 Company production potential was expanded due to integration of Gazprom Georesurs LLC and Gazprom Geologorazvedka LLC assets.
The Company carries out a complete centrally managed cycle of exploration works in the RF and provides its clients with a wide range of unique geophysical and geoengineering services.
Gazprom Nedra LLC is the main source of Gazprom Group geophysical data in the sphere of raw materials production, reduction of operational expenses and geophysical activities efficiency evaluation, calculation of gas deposit and storage reserves, and environmental safety assurance.
Company subdivisions are located in all gas producing regions of Russia. Its staff totals over 4,500 people. Company administration offices are located in Moscow and Tyumen. The Company uses a quality management system based on the GOST ISO 9001 standard, a health and safety management system in accordance with ISO45001 and an environmental management system which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 (GOST R ISO 14001).