Gazprom Nedra

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It was recognised as the best in the Geophysical Research and Wellwork category

Vsevolod Cherepanov, General Director of Gazprom Nedra LLC, at the award ceremony

This year, Gazprom Nedra LLC plans to build two wells offshore the Barents and Kara Seas using a single floating rig

Semi-submersible floating drilling rig (SSFDR) Severnoye Siyaniye in the Kara Sea

The Gazprom Group aims to maintain its status as a leader among global oil and gas companies

Vsevolod Cherepanov, General Director of Gazprom Nedra LLC

Geological exploration works in Yakutia are an important part of the Eastern Gas Program

The Company launches an exploration drilling programme at Tas-Yuryakhskoye oil and gas condensate field

This is the second batch of chum salmon raised at the request of Gazprom Nedra LLC in Sakhalin in 2022