Gazprom Nedra

News and events

The company has completed the introduction of the EMS to its business processes in accordance with ISO 14001:2015

20 actions took place during which juveniles of commercially valuable fish species were released

The visit took place as part of a business trip to the sites of the subsidiaries

In the Well Construction Centre of Gazprom Nedra LLC

Its delegation members attended a meeting of the Board under the Head of Mirny District Municipal Entity that was devoted to interaction with subsoil users

Maxim Fedunov, Head of the Department for Exploration Management in East Siberia, spoke about the prospects for the company’s production activities in the region

During the reporting period, the occupational health and safety policy was in line with the nature and scale of risks identified by the company

Gazprom Nedra LLC’s Deputy General Director/Chief Engineer Vyacheslav Plotnikov

The volume of planned research is 780 sq. km of high-density wide-azimuth seismic survey

Seismic exploration at the Sopochny subsoil area