Gazprom Nedra Projects Win Medialeader-2023 Awards

The Gazprom Nedra LLC project won the Medialeader-2023 Corporate Media Competition. The company’s video Beautiful Arctic Nature was awarded for the 2nd place in the Best Corporate Customer Film category.

The video is based on the documentary shoot of the comprehensive emergency response exercises during well drilling in the Kara and Barents Seas and gives an opportunity to see rare footage of natural phenomena and wildlife in the Arctic. The film showcases Gazprom Nedra LLC’s environmentally responsible behavior in the regions where it operates and its strict adherence to industrial and environmental safety standards.

The Medialeader-2023 award ceremony was held on December 1 in Moscow.

Irina Emelyanova, Head of Public and Mass Media Relations, with competition awards

Irina Emelyanova, Head of Public and Mass Media Relations, with competition awards


Gazprom Nedra LLC is a 100 % subsidiary company of PAO Gazprom and ranks among the major Russian multi-business oil and gas service companies. In 2019 Company production potential was expanded due to integration of Gazprom Georesurs LLC and Gazprom Geologorazvedka LLC assets.
The Company carries out a complete centrally managed cycle of exploration works in the RF and provides its clients with a wide range of unique geophysical and geoengineering services.
Gazprom Nedra LLC is the main source of Gazprom Group geophysical data in the sphere of raw materials production, reduction of operational expenses and geophysical activities efficiency evaluation, calculation of gas deposit and storage reserves, and environmental safety assurance.
Company subdivisions are located in all gas producing regions of Russia. Its staff totals over 4,500 people. Company administration offices are located in Moscow and Tyumen. The Company uses a quality management system based on the GOST ISO 9001 standard, a health and safety management system in accordance with ISO45001 and an environmental management system which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 (GOST R ISO 14001).