Gazprom Nedra purchased snow vehicles for organizations helping the inhabitants of the Yamal tundra

Gazprom Nedra financed the purchase of snow vehicles as part of a social and economical cooperation agreement with the administration of the Tazovsky District of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO). Special vehicles were purchased for organizations supporting the lives of the tundra residents in the acutely remote inter-settlement territory of the municipal district. A Buran-ADE snowmobile was donated to the local branch of the regional social movement, the Association of Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the North in YNAO, “Yamal for the Descendants!”. A Taiga Varyag 550 V snow mobile was handed over to the Direction for the support of local government activities.

“For a modern inhabitant of the Extreme North, reliable snow vehicles remain essential to the traditional lifestyle and household activities in the tundra. Our district covers an area of over 133 thousand square kilometers, and about 17.5 thousand people living here. Almost a third of the population leads a nomadic lifestyle. The snowmobiles will be used to deliver groceries and essential goods to remote areas, and to help tundra inhabitants to access medical, legal and other institutions in settlements when needed,” noted Viktor Yugai, the head of the Tazovsky District, expressing his gratitude to Gazprom Nedra LLC for their charitable support.


Gazprom Nedra LLC is a 100 % subsidiary company of PAO Gazprom and ranks among the major Russian multi-business oil and gas service companies. In 2019 Company production potential was expanded due to integration of Gazprom Georesurs LLC and Gazprom Geologorazvedka LLC assets.
The Company carries out a complete centrally managed cycle of exploration works in the RF and provides its clients with a wide range of unique geophysical and geoengineering services.
Gazprom Nedra LLC is the main source of Gazprom Group geophysical data in the sphere of raw materials production, reduction of operational expenses and geophysical activities efficiency evaluation, calculation of gas deposit and storage reserves, and environmental safety assurance.
Company subdivisions are located in all gas producing regions of Russia. Its staff totals over 4,500 people. Company administration offices are located in Moscow and Tyumen. The Company uses a quality management system based on the GOST ISO 9001 standard, a health and safety management system in accordance with ISO45001 and an environmental management system which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 (GOST R ISO 14001).