Day of Oil and Gas Industry 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Employees!

In Russia, the fuel and energy complex is particularly important and the gas industry is its most essential component. The production and sale of natural gas forms a reliable basis for the sustainable development and prosperity of our country’s economy, a solid foundation for social stability and responds to the challenges of improving living standards.

The hard work and dedication of hundreds of thousands of professionals from various fields of expertise is crucial to the success of the Russian gas industry. The involvement of our company’s employees in a matter of national importance ensures the stable operation of a priority economic sector for the country and generates a genuine sense of pride.

Today, I would like to sincerely thank all Gazprom Nedra employees for their diligent work. We now live in a time where every gas industry professional has to handle multiple tasks, maintain an understanding of technology, and possess multiple skills. Your knowledge, diligence, responsibility, teamwork, and sense of mutual support and cohesion — these are all factors that ultimately determine the success of our company.

Director General, Gazprom Nedra LLC

A. V. Ovechkin