PF Tomskgazgeofizika

Gazprom Nedra LLC manufacturing affiliated company (PF) Tomskgazgeofizika is a geophysical company carrying out all the types of field seismic exploration works. The enterprise always utilizes up-to-date field work technologies. Use of the latest technical devices, field work technologies, and preliminary processing in combination with highly skilled specialists allows the manufacturing affiliate to solve the most complicated geological problems.

The manufacturing affiliate carries out a full set of field seismic exploration CDPM-3D/2D with the use of modern telemetric systems through the common depth point method. The works are carried out by two seismic exploration crews in various regions (Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Komi Republic). During eight field seasons over 1200 linear kilometres of CDPM 2D sections and over 5360 km² 3D were handled with the use of vibration seismic energy injection sources, СВС24/РС27 (by GEOSVIP) and Nomad65 Neo (by Sercel).

Nomad seismic vibration units

Seismic exploration work quantities executed from 2011:

  • Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC (Yubileinaya area — CDPM 3D 410 km²);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC (Medvezhya area — CDPM 3D 460 km²);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC (Zapadno-Yubileinaya area 300 — CDPM 3D 300 km²);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC (Zapadno-Yubileinaya area 500 — CDPM 3D 500 km²);
  • LLC Yangpur (Severo-Vyuzhnaya area — CDPM 3D 150 km²);
  • LLC Shell NefteGaz Development (Severo-Vorkutinsky LA — CDPM 2D 1267.7 linear km);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC (Zapadno-Pestsoviy LA — CDPM 3D 420 km)²;
  • LLC LUKOIL-Komi (Usinskaya area — CDPM 3D 175 km²);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC (Sanskaya area — CDPM 3D 450 km² (30272 VP);
  • Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC (Seyakhinskaya area — CDPM 3D 1150 km² (58049 VP);
  • LLC Obskiy SPG (Verkhnetiuteiskoe and Zapadno-Seyakhinskoe Field — CDPM 3D 1354.98 km²).

During the field season of 2019–2020 PF Tomskgazgeofizika executes seismic explorations CDPM-3at Yamal peninsula for Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC (Kharasaveiskoe field) and for JSC Novaya khimicheskaya kompaniya NovoKhim (Nilivoiskiy license area).

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