PF Irkutskgazgeofizika

Gazprom Nedra LLC manufacturing affiliate (PF) Irkutskgazgeofizika is a detached structural company subdivision. In terms of location, it is the most eastern Gazprom Nedra LLC “bastion” strategically located in the immediate vicinity of major oil-and-gas productive provinces of Eastern Siberia where currently the Russian Federation Government program is implemented to create a single system of gas production, transportation and gas supply considering gas export to the markets of China and other APR countries. Gazprom PJSC is the coordinator of activities for implementation of this Program.

PF Irkutskgazgeofizika was founded in 2009 in order to carry out geophysical surveys and works in boreholes at Gazprom PJSC facilities (license areas) in Eastern Siberia and Yakutia.

From the time of establishment till present day, the affiliate staff ensured and ensures GIS during construction of exploration and operational boreholes as part of the Geological Exploration Program and Program of Yakutsk and Irkutsk Gas Producing Centers Development at facilities:

  • Chikanskoe Field;
  • Chayandinskoe Field;
  • Verkhne-Velyuchanskoe Field;
  • Khandinskoe Field;
  • Kovyktinskoe Field;
  • Taas-Yuryakhskoe Field.

Chayandinskoe Field in Yakutia

The enterprise carries out a wide range of geophysical works (GIS, geological and engineering survey, borehole springing and blasting, interpretation) which allows to decrease initial cost of works and quickly fulfil set tasks during subsoil development. Focusing on global tasks, the affiliate pays special attention to creating and mastering new technologies allowing for maximum efficiency in boreholes geophysical support.

Important geological and geophysical information for all facilities was collected and consolidated during the whole time of work execution on the Eastern Siberia and Yakutia fields. Digitisation of the geophysical data of old Chayandinskoe OGCF boreholes was also carried out. Affiliate production services and crews gained rich experience in arrangement, assurance and trouble-free execution of works in severe climatic conditions and in conditions when no transportation to the facilities is available. Equipment, materials logistic schemes and personnel shift rotations have been perfected.

During long-term PF Irkutskgazgeofizika activities in the region, close and fruitful cooperation with such companies as Gazprom Dobycha Irkutsk LLC, Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk LLC, Gazprom Burenie LLC, Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy LLC was established.

At work facilities the PF provides clients with the following services for geophysical support of oil and gas boreholes construction and operation:

  • geophysical survey in search, exploration and operational boreholes;
  • geological and engineering and geochemical survey in search, exploration and operational boreholes;
  • geophysical surveys for oil and gas condensate field development monitoring and determining technical condition of production casings;
  • borehole springing and blasting in search, exploration and operational boreholes;
  • strata test by cabled testers;
  • intensification of inflow from productive intervals of oil and gas boreholes;
  • direct and gas dynamic surveys of boreholes.

Gazprom Nedra LLC PF Irkutskgazgeofizika has been acknowledged as the main work originator for construction and test of operational and exploration boreholes at the Khandinskaya site, Yuzhno-Ust-Kutsky license area, Sobolokh-Nedzhelinskoe GCF, Chayandinskoe GCF, and Kovyktinskoe GCF.

In order to provide online support of geophysical works, both at the borehole construction phase and at the subsequent phase of field operation monitoring, PF Irkutskgazgeofizika directly participated in the development of Technical Specifications for construction of a permanent geophysicists base which was planned in design and estimate documentation for Kovyktinskoe GCF development.

At Chayandinskoe OGCF there is a production yard constructed at its own cost and expense. The production yard is equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out works for metrological support of geophysical surveys and works in boreholes, routine repair of borehole instruments and geological and engineering survey equipment, and special machines repair.

Production capabilities:

  • GIS crews — 22;
  • geological and engineering survey crews — 20;
  • hydrodynamic survey crews — 2;
  • instrumentation crews — 3.

The personnel of GIS and Instrumentation production crews have a rich practical experience of work at the Eastern Siberia and Sakha Republic (Yakutia) fields.

Affiliate main production forces are currently located directly at Kovyktinskoe GCF and are involved in construction of operational and exploration boreholes.

In connection with the adopted Program of Eastern Siberia and Far East development, PF Irkutskgazgeofizika has development prospects for many years and it is ready to fulfil the set tasks.

Contact information

Postal address: Block A, 12, Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya St., Irkutsk, 664011, Russian Federation

Тel.: 8-3952-20-00-74, 8-3952-20-00-78; fax: 8-3952-20-00-74