PF Severgazgeofizika

Gazprom Nedra LLC manufacturing affiliated company (PF) Severgazgeofizika is one of the first enterprises which started rendering geophysical services at the fields of the north Tyumen Region. To provide gas industry enterprises with all the types of field geophysical works, from October 01, 1973 there was found North geophysical expedition of Geological directorate of Soyuzgazgeofizika, production geophysical trust of the USSR Ministry of Gas Industry, its location was in set. Pangody, Nadym District, the Tyumen Region. Later on experience and knowledge accumulated during the manufacturing affiliate growth became the basis of the geophysical branch of Russia.

Currently, with the use of manpower and materiel available at PF Severgazgeofizika, services are rendered for geophysical surveys and works in constructed and operating boreholes of all categories except for solid commercial minerals boreholes.

The central base of the manufacturing affiliate is locatedin Novy Urengoy. The enterprise also has production yards in the settlement of Pangody, settlement of Yamburg, Noyabrsk, representative office in Nadym, sub-yard in settlement of Urengoy and on the Kshukskoe field of the Kamchatka Territory.

Work facilities of Gazprom Nedra LLC PF Severgazgeofizika are boreholes at oil and gas condensate fields of the north Tyumen Region and the Kamchatka Territoryfields. The area of Severgazgeofizika activities at the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District lies 800 km north and south and 600 km east and west.

All in all PF Severgazgeofizika has 55 geophysical crews. They are the main production subdivisions carrying out geophysical, geological, geochemical, technological surveys and works in boreholes, andbelong to field geophysical expeditions:

  • field geophysical expedition (FGE) for field development (FD) monitoring (FGE for FD monitoring; consists of 17 field geophysical crews);
  • field geophysical expedition for drilling geophysical surveys (GS) (FGE for drilling GS; consists of 12 field geophysical crews carrying out surveys on geophysical cable and 2 field geophysical crews carrying out surveys on drilling tool);
  • field geophysical expedition for geological and engineering surveys (GES) (GES FGE), consists of 24 field geophysical crews.

List of the main services rendered to Clients and tasks solved at that:

Geological and engineering surveys during construction and test of key, stratigraphic, structural, search, appraisal, exploration, operational boreholes (including horizontal operational):

— geological and engineering surveys (GES);

geological and geochemical surveys (GCS);

— processing and interpretation of GES and GCS results;

— study and recommendations on increasing efficiency of boreholes construction.

Field geophysical surveys in operational, observation, injection boreholes during monitoring of raw hydrocarbons field development (including horizontal borehole sections):

— boreholes geophysical survey when solving geological, engineering and technical problems (GIS);

— online geological modelling;

processing and interpretation of GIS results.

Field geophysical works during construction of key, stratigraphic, structural, search, appraisal, exploration, exploration operational boreholes (including horizontal operational):

— methods of the mandatory GIS complex;

— methods of additional GIS complex for solving geological and technical problems;

— processing and interpretation of GIS results.

Rendering geophysical support services during the second drilling in of borehole formations of raw hydrocarbon fields (including horizontal borehole sections):

— GIS complex during support of the second drilling in of borehole formations.

Formation tests by instruments on cable and/or tool on drilling pipes (cable tester and drill stem tester):

— processing and interpretation of test results.

Geophysical surveys during tests and development of raw hydrocarbon field boreholes (including horizontal borehole sections):

— GIS complexes during boreholes test and development;

— processing and interpretation of GIS results.

Springing and blasting in raw hydrocarbon field boreholes (including horizontal borehole sections):

— secondary drill in of formations of raw hydrocarbon field boreholes by perforation systems both from Russian and foreign manufacturers, including dropped on geophysical cable, tubing string, production tubing;

perforation of drilling pipes, production tubing or casing strings to restore circulation of washing liquid in borehole;

— gun perforation during elimination of drilling tool trapping, during rupture or cut of drilling pipes, production tubing or casing strings;

— gun perforation in borehole to clean filters, destroy metal objects left in borehole;

— installation of isolation (separation) cement plugs using bailer;

— insulation works for installation of packers, top plug, top cementing plug or explosive slip type.

Geophysical surveys and works during boreholes repair:

— GIS complex for solving geological, engineering and technical problems;

— processing and interpretation of GIS results.

PF Severgazgeofizika has a complex of equipment for survey of operating sub-horizontal boreholes which includes:

  • equipment for borehole instruments delivery to sub-horizontal borehole section — MDT downhole tractor;
  • set of modular borehole multi-sensor instruments MAPS;
  • set of small-size section gauges and thickness gauges Sondex.

MDT downhole tractor

Currently one of the promising areas of gas production technology improvement is field development by construction of sub-horizontal boreholes. The number of such boreholes grows year by year. To carry out geophysical surveys and works in sub-horizontal boreholes, a number of technologies is used for delivery of geophysical instruments to horizontal borehole sections, such as coil tubing (flexible pump and compressor tube) and the downhole tractor.

Based on firsthand experience in the above technologies, it is the use of the downhole tractor for geophysical equipment delivery to horizontal borehole sections that allows for efficient fulfilling tasks of geophysical survey and work in boreholes and decreasing cost of their implementation in sub-horizontal and horizontal boreholes.

In 2015‒2020 Clients of Gazprom Nedra LLC PF Severgazgeofizika services for geophysical survey and work in boreholes with the use of the downhole tractor were Severneftegazprom OJSC, Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC, Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk LLC, Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg LLC, and Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC. Geophysical survey and work in boreholes with the use of downhole tractor was carried out at 8 major fields in more than 80 boreholes. Dynamics of geophysical service Clients’ demand for geophysical survey and work in boreholes with the use of the downhole tractor demonstrates stabilised growth and high interest stipulated by 2 main factors:

  • reduction of geophysical survey and work in boreholes cost;
  • high producibility of work execution (as compared to the technology of coil tubing equipment delivery, downhole tractor delivery technology does not require additional equipment and personnel for geophysical survey and work in boreholes in borehole horizontal sections).

Set of modular borehole multi-sensor instruments MAPS

PF Severgazgeofizika carries out field geophysical surveys with the use of Sondex modules: temperature gauging, pressure gauging, casing collar locator, GL (gamma-logging), water-cut logging, flow measurement, inclination measurement and density measurement as well as three multi-sensor modules: resistivity measurement, water-cut logging and flow measurement.


  • possibility of phases (gas, oil, water) separation and identification of phase-wise inflow (water inflow) zones;
  • possibility of logging in borehole with any course;
  • logging both in real and independent mode;
  • Each multi-sensor probe includes inclination measurement sensor which allows for obtaining a 3D space-stabilised flow image.

Small-size section gauges Sondex

For monitoring of casing strings technical condition, PF Severgazgeofizika successfully uses 24 and 40-lever small-size section gauges Sondex.

The main PF Severgazgeofizika clients for geophysical works and service are:

  • Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy LLC;
  • Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg LLC;
  • Gazprom Dobycha Nadym LLC;
  • Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk LLC;
  • Severneftegazprom OJSC.
PF Severgazgeofizika also renders services to the following companies:
  • Gazprom Podzemremont Urengoy LLC;
  • Achimgaz JSC;
  • Gazprom Burenie LLC;
  • StroyBurVodServis LLC;
  • Arktikgaz JSC;
  • Novatek-PUR JSC;

The enterprise cooperates with:

  • ITs GazInformPlast LLC;
  • Weatherford LLC;
  • Schlumberger Logelco Inc.;
  • Neftegazgeofizika LLC;
  • NPF AMK-Gorizont LLC;
  • Vikoseis LLC;
  • TGT Servis LLC
  • GIS-Progress LLC
  • Petrovaizer LLC
  • TetraSoft-Servis LLC
  • Logservis LLC
  • Promperforator LLC
  • Vzryvgeoservis JSC
  • VNIPIvzryvgeofizika JSC
  • BashVzryvTekhnologii JSC

Contact information

Postal address: 17, Promyshlennaya St., Novy Urengoy, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, 629306. P.O.B. 1048.

Теl.: (3494) 92-48-10

Fax: (3494) 24-11-02