PF Krasnoyarskgazgeofizika

Gazprom Nedra LLC manufacturing affiliate company (PF) Krasnoyarskgazgeofizika was founded on November 20, 2006, when the “Plan of measures for consolidation of geophysical activities at OJSC Gazprom was being implemented. Initially the staff of the affiliate being founded was mainly manned by specialists coming from LLC Gazprom Geofizika production subdivisions.

Total number of enterprise employees is 160 people.

During its existence the affiliate became a full-scale production structure capable of fulfilling a wide range of production tasks:

  • geophysical surveys during drilling search and evaluation and exploration boreholes;
  • geophysical surveys during boreholes test;
  • support of surveys by geological and engineering survey complex during formation tests in production casing;
  • sampling and formation tests by formation tester on pipes in open hole and casing;
  • hydrodynamic logging and formation trial by cabled instruments;
  • petrophysical survey of core samples in the field and laboratory;
  • gas and hydrodynamic formation survey in production casing;
  • intensification of inflow from productive intervals with the use of powder generators and ejector devices of the UEGIS type;
  • borehole springing and blasting in search and exploration boreholes and emergency containment with the use of explosive materials;
  • casing strings, injection tubing and drilling tools;
  • quality control of casing strings cementing using cementing monitoring station;
  • comprehensive interpretation of geological and geophysical, core sample information and issue of conclusions;
  • comprehensive interpretation of geological and engineering, core sample, formation information for issue of recommendation.

Work at field facilities is arranged on the basis of day-to-day availability of integrated crews ensuring continuous execution of geophysical survey and work in boreholes (GIS, geological and engineering survey, hydrodynamic survey, borehole springing and blasting etc.) for support of the complete borehole drilling cycle according to borehole construction projects.

23 crews formaffiliate production potential, including:

  • integrated GIS crew 10 of
  • integrated geological and engineering survey crew 10 of
  • interpretation crew — 3 of

Krasnoyarsk manufacturing affiliate management group has been established in Krasnoyarsk for efficient interaction with companies that are geophysical services clients. Here also rooms are rented which allow accumulation and handling of materials and equipment, repair and metrological support of instruments for geophysical survey and work in boreholes, storage of explosive materials and radioactive sources, remote monitoring during geological and engineering survey and interpretation of data received from boreholes. Krasnoyarsk affiliate administrative complex is used to obtain geophysical information during drilling and test of search and appraisal, exploration boreholes and preparation of input data for calculation of oil and gas reserves at Gazprom PJSC license areas, arrangement of communication channels, field personnel arrival and rotation according to the existing work organisation scheme of drilling contractors.

The following affiliate subdivisions are detached ones in terms of location:

  • Boguchansk production yard, the main task of which is to provide delivery of geophysical equipment, instruments, explosive materials, radioactive sources as well as personnel of production crews for geophysical survey and work in boreholes, and their transportation to field facilities;
  • Norilsk production section,the main task of which is to organise and carry out geophysical survey and work in boreholes in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The main tasks of Gazprom Nedra LLC detached subdivisions based in the region participation in the development of Krasnoyarsk Territory oil and gas fields as part of state program of gas industry foundation in the East of Russia, and development of Lower Angara region, arrangement of works for geophysical surveys and works in boreholes at Gazprom PJSC license areas in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, with subsequent geophysical support of Gazprom PJSC boreholes construction in Eastern Siberia.

In addition to Gazprom PJSC, the main clients are: JSC Vostsibneftegaz, JSC SSK, LLC production and commercial firm (PKF) GIS Nefteservis, JSC Norilskgazprom, and LLC BNGRE.

Work execution regions:

  • Krasnoyarsk Territory (Mesoyakhsky, Yuzhno-Soleninsky, Severo-Soleninsky license areas, Pelyatkinskoe GCF, Imbinskaya area, Ilbokichskaya area);
  • Kemerovo Region (Naryksko-Ostashkinskoe Methane and Coal Field of Kuzbass);
  • Tomsk Region (Kazanskoe OGCF, Rybalnoe OF);
  • Irkutsk Region (Angarskaya area, Khandinskaya area);
  • Republic of Yakutia (Sakha) (Sobolokh-Nedzhelinskoe field).
Contact information

Postal address: 471 Semafornaya St., Krasnoyarsk, P.O.B. 6321, 660037, RF

Тel.: (391) 216-03-80; fax: (391) 216-03-82